Want more Value from your Customer Data?

We'll deep dive into your customer conversations and feedback, leaving you with direct-from-customer insights.
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We empower organisations with the Voice of the Customer

Intent Manager Recommended Customer Service Satisfaction Strategies Pure Speech Technology

Customer-backed Satisfaction Strategies

Your customers are telling you how they will spend more, be satisfied and refer others.

The question is, are you listening?

Intent Manager digests your customer communications to discover customer-requested strategies to improve your customer satisfaction, experience and NPS.

Automated: Human-in-the-loop Ticket Routing, Prioritisation & Tagging

As a data-driven team, you understand how important it is to give meaning to your customer conversations. Unfortunately, this often comes with months of work, training and inevitable human errors.

Intent Manager takes a streamlined human-in-the-loop approach, helping you speed-train your custom NLP while upkeeping the accuracy needed to cater for your company, customer and team’s specific needs.

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Trending Topics Text Analysis Intent Manager Pure Speech Technology

Scale Chatbot Cross-organisational Value

Intent Manager’s micro-categorisation allow teams to apply different lens to look at the same data, giving each team customised value to their specific needs and goals.

Give your chatbot new meaning beyond your current team needs and scale to champion the Voice of the Customer across the organisation.

Ultimate Model Control

Unlike other providers which run your data through generic NLPs engines that are a one size fits all, Intent Manager ensures your trained models are custom-tailored to your organisation and business goals.

We train text analysis models on the only data and categorisation rules that matter – yours.

How It Works

Import Customer Conversations

Customer feedback, livechat, voice and chat logs, emails, forms, phone transcripts and documents

intent manager text analysis pure speech technology

Intent Manager Text Analysis

Train model to find the value you want to see, from customer trends to new targeting strategies.

intent manager text analysis pure speech technology actionable insights

Extract Actionable Insights 

Produces direct-from-customer insights to drive customer and revenue growth.

Accelerate Business Growth

Backed by NLP, Machine Learning and Your Customers.