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NLP Intent Manager

Having trouble juggling your natural language processing (NLP) intents for your voice assistant or chatbot? Our Intent Manager has helped us streamline the exploration of conversation history (or utterances) to direct which enquiry types provide the best value to users. We want to enable streamlined management of your intents to identify key topics and avoid unexpected behaviour with ‘intent clashes’.

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Voice Concierge

Want to free up your time from answering the phone? The Voice Concierge is geared to help your small to medium business answer the phone 24/7. You’ll be able to configure your Voice Concierge to capture the details of a prospective or existing customer, identify the reason for the call and any other pre-qualifying information. Your customers will be able to request a call back, get answers to frequently asked questions, or be sent a message redirecting them to another resource to self-serve.

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