Barge-in for Voice Assistants and Voice IVRs

What is barge-in? Have you ever wanted to skip ahead and respond to a voice assistant or voice IVR before the bot was finished speaking? Barge-in is the ability for a user to interrupt a voice system, usually through speech, … Read More


Voicebot: Why You Need to Add it for Your Customer Service Now

First chatbots, now voicebots. Voice-enabled chatbots are becoming the future of customer service. We are using voicebots more than we realize (Google Home, Alexa, anyone?) In fact, according to a study, 55% of respondents are using voice assistants to ask … Read More

chatbot use cases

Chatbot Use Cases: A How-To Guide

Identifying and prioritising your chatbot use cases is a critical part of your chatbot strategy. It involves a lot of research and careful thinking.  What do you want your chatbot to accomplish?  What type of customer does your chatbot care … Read More

chatbot metrics ROI

How to Forecast your Chatbot ROI

Forecasting your Chatbot ROI can be tricky. Is your chatbot answering your visitors’ questions? What do they think of it? Whether you already have a conversational solution in place or you are considering implementing it, you should know the answer … Read More

voice and chatbot hype cycle

3 Tips for your Voice and Chatbot Program from Gartner’s Customer Service Hype Cycle 2020

A great customer experience (CX) is at the core of every leading organization. To achieve this goal, companies use diverse technologies. Examples of customer service and support technologies include Voice and Chatbot solutions. However, how does each technology contribute to … Read More

6 Steps for a Winning Voice or Chatbot Channel Strategy.

Unsure how to improve the operational efficiency of your channel strategy with an intelligent automation/chatbot solution? A chatbot or voice assistant can optimize processes, decreasing the amount of human intervention needed for many tasks.  How can you ensure your chatbot … Read More

Building an Enterprise Voice Assistant Wins, Losses and Lessons Jacky Tiu Pure Speech Technology

Building an Enterprise Voice Assistant MVP: Wins, Losses and Lessons

Building a Voice assistant isn’t easy, let alone one fit for enterprises in fintech. Notorious for its highly regulated environment coupled with complex and fractured technology landscapes, building an enterprise-grade voice assistant in the financial services industry is one of … Read More

3 Top Tips for Ensuring Your Chatbot Meets Customer Expectations

Worried your Chatbot isn’t meeting your customer’s expectations? CX experts agree that if your customer is not happy, your business has a slim chance of survival. A happy customer comes back for more. However, customer satisfaction is feeble. A single poor … Read More

How to select the right NLP tool for your customer experience needs

Selecting the right text analytics Natural Language Processing (NLP) tool, especially when you’re starting out, can be overwhelming due to all the choices that are available. It can be uncertain and hard to predict whether the choice you make will bring the … Read More

chatbot questions text analysis intent manager pure speech technology

How to Effectively Manage a Vast Number of Chatbot Questions in a Constantly Changing Landscape.

Do you feel like you’re drowning when you’re just trying to stay afloat with managing the growing number of questions your Chatbot can answer? The landscape in which you launched your Chatbot is constantly changing.  You’re on a mission to … Read More