Conversational AI Experts

We're a team of automation strategists, voice veterans and bot creators

Our Mission

Our vision is to make customer interactions effortless with the use of technology. To that end, we want to help as many organisations succeed on their conversational AI journey; Whether that be with just a text-based chatbot, or evolving to a voice assistant (Google Assistant / Alexa / Siri ). Our dream is a frictionless world.

Broad Enterprise Expertise

Our experts have spent decades in conversational AI, in all stages of a conversational assistant lifecycle and seen successful execution of numerous projects at Transport for NSW, Westpac, St George, Telstra, Optus, Tabcorp and Standard Life (UK) just to name a few.

Technology & Platform Agnostic

We’ve worked with all the major platforms and can guide you on the best platform fit for your organisational structure and maturity. We’ll either help you get setup for success or develop a voice assistant/chatbot for you.

Passionate about Education

With the next wave of digital transformation leveraging more AI, we’re passionate about ensuring your workforce is prepared to work in an AI-enabled business. The only way to scale, compete globally, and bridge the skills shortage is to learn from experts.

“PST are a real partner in the whole process, understanding who we are, listening to our problems, and changing to suit our needs.”

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