Upgrade your capabilities in Conversational AI

Learn to manage and succeed with Voice and Chatbot products

5 REasons you need training

  1. Conversational AI products aren’t like your normal digital products.
  2. Your executive team has lofty goals or your product is not aligned.
  3. You’re not sure where to start to deliver the fastest ROI.
  4. You’re not sure if your new team’s capability is sufficient to deliver your vision.
  5. Too many new vendors in the market and you’re not sure who to trust.

Educate, Empower, Embed

Digital transformation and intelligent automation has never been more important since COVID-19 fast tracked digital adoption.

Get setup to succeed. Enable your product to achieve business benefits and customer experience outcomes.

We’ll impart our frameworks, best practice processes, and share tips to avoid pitfalls.

You’ll walk away with the Why, What, and How to succeed on your journey.

Who is Dennis?

A conversational AI evangelist with nearly 2 decades dedicated to all things voice (+ biometrics), chatbot, NLP, ML and personalisation.

Dennis has won numerous awards for a multi-channel chatbot seen on Web, Facebook, Twitter, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Apple Siri. 

He’s also taught the subject of Conversational Design as early as 2004.

What others say

"PST’s depth of knowledge on Conversational AI and breadth of experience across multiple enterprise industries was a big factor for us."
Product Manager
Financial Services
"PST‘s approach to open knowledge sharing empowered the whole team with the product management process, tools we can use on future projects and to manage senior executives expectations.”
Customer Channels Manager
Higher Education
"My biggest learning was the level of planning needed and framework for delivering a ROI."
Product Owner
Government Organisation