10X your marketing with direct-from-customer insights

Discover new targeting strategies, monitor customer trends and seize lead-to-customer opportunities in real-time.

Let your data show you your next growth opportunity.
intent manager pure speech technology marketing text analytics



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Use NLP Text Analysis methods to action Voice of the Customer insights.

Topic Discovery Intent Manager by Pure Speech Technology Text Analysis Tool Conversational AI

Find New Targeting Strategies

The best targeting strategies comes from knowing where your customers came from. There’s no better place to look than conversations with your customers.

Intent Manager helps you process the huge amounts of customer communications, leaving you with direct-from-customer knowledge for who, what, where and how to target ideal customers.

Monitor Customer Trends

Your customers are telling you exactly what problems they’re experiencing, what they’re looking for, and how to wow them.

Problem is, are you listening?

Intent Manager monitors your customer topics and trends, so you’re armed with customer-informed insights to create high-growth campaigns.

intent manager pure speech technology marketing text analytics
intent manager pure speech technology text analysis marketing lead to customer opportunities conversational ai

Seize Lead-to-Customer Opportunities

Intent Manager helps you identify lead conversion cues in historical conversations to optimise critical moments for moving a lead down the funnel in the future.

Do more with your past conversations to derive more value moving forward.

How It Works

Import Customer Conversations

Customer feedback, livechat, voice and chat logs, emails, forms, phone transcripts and documents

intent manager text analysis pure speech technology

Intent Manager Text Analysis

Train model to find the value you want to see, from customer trends to new targeting strategies.

intent manager text analysis pure speech technology actionable insights

Extract Actionable Insights 

Produces direct-from-customer insights to drive customer and revenue growth.

Accelerate Business Growth

Backed by NLP, Machine Learning and Your Customers.