Achieve mindblowing NPS with direct-from-customer strategies

Discover customer-backed satisfaction strategies, automate ticket routing and prioritisation, and create in-depth customer conversation analysis with zero code.

Become the data-backed Voice of Customer Expert in your organisation.
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Customer satisfaction delivered with hassle-free Custom NLP.

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Customer-backed Satisfaction Strategies

Your customers are telling you how they will spend more, be satisfied and refer others.

The question is, are you listening?

Intent Manager digests your customer communications to discover customer-requested strategies to improve your customer satisfaction, experience and NPS.


Automated: Human-in-the-loop Ticket Routing, Prioritisation & Tagging

As a data-driven team, you understand how important it is to give meaning to your customer conversations. Unfortunately, this often comes with months of work, training and inevitable human errors.

Intent Manager takes a streamlined human-in-the-loop approach, helping you speed-train your custom NLP while upkeeping the accuracy needed to cater for your company, customer and team’s specific needs.



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You, the Undisputed Voice of Customer Expert

Being on the customer front lines means you know the customer better than any other team. But so much goes on it’s hard to capture and report on the immense value of your work.

Intent Manager digests all customer communications and produces in-depth, customer-backed insights for you to report cross-organisational growth opportunities.

How It Works

Import Customer Conversations

Customer feedback, livechat, voice and chat logs, emails, forms, phone transcripts and documents

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Intent Manager Text Analysis

Train model to find the value you want to see, from customer trends to new targeting strategies.

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Extract Actionable Insights 

Produces direct-from-customer insights to drive customer and revenue growth.

Accelerate Business Growth

Backed by NLP, Machine Learning and Your Customers.